UNclog Heating Eye Mask does not have an on/off button. Instead, press the circular button above “TEMP” to turn the heat on. Keep pressing the button to select the desired temperature. The mask may take up to a minute to reach the maximum temperature.

The mask works with a 5V/1A adapter and requires at least a 1A output. We've found that not all adapters work the same. If you don't have another adapter, try plugging it into your laptop or PC.

Most often, the primary reason the mask does not heat properly is that it's not plugged into the correct adapter.The mask only works with at least a5V/1Aoutput adapter, anything less won't work. Often every adapter works differently too.

You can also try plugging it into a different adapter or PC/laptop.

Another possibility is that sometimes the new coating on the fibers need to be preheated. We recommend preheating the mask prior to using it. 

Here are the instructions to preheat the mask:

1. Fold the mask into half so the inner part is touching each other

2. Plug in the UNclog mask.

3. Set the mask to 50°C for 60 minutes.

4. Check after 50 minutes, the mask should feel pretty warm to the touch. Wait another 10 minutes and let it shut off automatically. Your UNclog mask is ready to help your eyes relax.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.  The UNclog Heating Eye Mask is a scientifically backed product.The current study from the NCBI (article 652926) suggests the optimum temperatures to heat the clogged glandssafely are between 40 and 50°C.Any temperatures above 50°C should be avoided.

Temperature at 50°C (122°F) are not supposed to feel hot to the touch, just warm, not even as warm as your morning coffee. (Coffee is best served at 70°C to 80°C.)

Also, have you tried putting the mask on? One of the features of this mask is that the far-infrared heat multiplies once it touches your skin. When combined with your own body temperature, the far-infrared technology works better and is safer in melting the oil in the Meibomian gland than regular heat according to research.

The cover material is made from Polyester — it is soft and comfortable even on sensitive skin.

The heating unit uses fibers impregnated with FIR-emitting ceramic nano particles woven into the fabric.

This mask is designed specifically to warm up the lids at targeted temperatures not over 50°C, the safe temperature limit. There is just enough weight on the beads and the beads can be moved around to snuggle into the difficult inner corners of the eyelids. The washable cover promotes hygiene and the FIR heating technology has been proven to be superior in comparison to regular heating.

Yes. Unlike the microwavable masks, the UNclog Heating Eye Mask provides a controlled temperature with an automatic shut-off feature.