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it's fast automatic, easy to use and doctor-recommended

Discover Eye Comfort Care, the leading provider of advanced dry eye relief solutions. At the helm is Vivian Surya, an expert in eye care, guiding our Hillsboro-based company towards the forefront of eye care innovation with our state-of-the-art heated eye mask.

We recognize the struggles of individuals suffering from dry eye symptoms and have meticulously engineered our heated eye mask to deliver a superior, safe, and convenient alternative to conventional microwave remedies.

Eye Comfort Care is dedicated to elevating your eye comfort with our commitment to breakthrough technology, exceptional quality, and complete customer satisfaction, aiming to transform the standard for dry eye treatment.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of microwaveable masks and the guesswork of temperature adjustment. Our pioneering solution offers precise heat management, ensuring optimal comfort and safety without compromise.

Adopting a consistent dry eye care routine is crucial for enduring relief. Beyond our revolutionary products, Eye Comfort Care provides outstanding support, underscored by a no-questions-asked one-year warranty. Our goal is to make eye comfort care a seamless part of your daily life.

Embrace the future of dry eye treatment with Eye Comfort Care. Benefit from the convenience, efficiency, and user-friendly nature of our offerings, promoting adherence and delivering sustained relief. Join us in redefining and improving the dry eye care experience for all.