Our Story

It is a fact that our vision is the gate to our well-being. A good vision provides confidence and security, a tool our bodies need to lower the fight and flight (lower stress level). Dry eye symptoms increase the fight and flight, just like when driving with a dirty windshield; the body is  stressed, alert and tense.

Dealing with Dry Eye symptoms is stressful and costly.

Before UNclog Mask, there was a lack of medically effective at-home warming eye masks to treat dry eye conditions from MGD


Good Quality Product:

Each of our masks passed quality control, packed by hand here in Oregon.

US Company:

Supporting  local US companies (99% of all electric masks company are in China)

An environmentally conscious company:

We switched to 99% no plastic packing in 2022

We are crazy about relieving dry eye symptoms. 

We know and have decades of experience working with dry eyes. Effective and affordable products plus outstanding customer supports are a must. This is how we choose to serve our UNclog family. 

We stand by our products. 

if anything goes wrong within a year, simply contact us for replacement, no stress. 


With our ONE-Year unconditional warranty, It breaks down to less than $5.00 a month.