UNclog dry eye mask not only naturally restore your eyes' protective layer but also offers a deeply relaxing experience, leaving you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and free from fatigue. These electric heat pads aslo relaxing and calming
Nonpharmaceutical Interventions dry eye compress

UNclog Heated Eye Mask

Warming Eye Mask for Dry Eyes || Helps Restore the Eye's Protective Barrier
UNclog Mask helos restore the protective skin barrier to help rehydrate the eye surface instantly
Natural Solution
Home Spa Experience

Studies showed that over 86% of people suffering from Dry Eye symptoms have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

To provide Dry Eye Relief, regularly applying a warming eye pad for dry eye has tremendous benefits and is usually the first step of treatment for MGDBlepharitis.

For Stye: the heated eye relief mask can help calm inflammation and reduce swelling. Routine Eyelid Hygiene is highly recommended to prevent the eye stye(s) recurrence. Contact your eye doctor if the stye persists for more than 48 hours or spread to another area of the eyelid..

Experience Eye Relief in Just 20 minutes! Warm: Relieve dry and tired eyes  Moist heat therapy: Mist the surface with water before treatment for immediate Dry Eye Relief.  COLD THERAPY : Has been known to naturally reduce symptoms of allergies, migrai
Experience Relief in Just 20 minutes!

Warm Therapy:  Eye compresses moist heat for Dry Eye Relief. Set the warmth to the most comfortable temperature and time, and feel the relaxing warmth hugging your tired and overworked eyes. 

Moist heat therapy:  The crystal insert releases moisture when heated. (Like a rock releasing fog of micro moisture in the morning when warmed up). 

Option for more moisture: Slightly moisten the inner area (the part that touches the eyelids) with moist fingers with water or a spray bottle.

Rest, rejuvenate, and restore your eyes' protective layer with our soft velvety cover that will make your eyes say ahhh.  Our UNclog eye masks use Far-Infrared (FIR) technology to generate heat. Warmth is usually the first step of treatment for MGD to loo

5 Temperature
& Timer Settings

Eye Pad Warmer Made using innovative far-infrared technology (FIR)

What our Customers Say About Our Products!


Absolutely the best!

What I love? The consistent temperature the UNclog mask provides, and the automatic shut off. The cover is soft against my eyes and cleans very easily. I purchased this mask last year and had a problem with the wire breaking. When I called about this, the team was very responsive and replaced the mask (there is a new version now with improved features).
I believe this mask is the best care that I can give my dry eyes.
Thank you! happy customers.


I have MGD and have spent a lot of money on treatments. I tried the microwave masks but they were too hot at first and then cooled off too fast. I normally wear a mask to sleep. So now I set the mask for 20 minutes to the heat setting and go to sleep. The mask gets intensely warm, but not too warm. It helps my eyes and they don't feel dry when I wake up as they used to. It has also helped with my sinuses that get irritated this time of year. It's money well spent!

B. Sobon

"I am a dry eye coordinator, I stressed the importance of using a heat mask regularly to all of my dry eye patients. The UNclog Mask is very relaxing and easy to use I find my patients do not mind adding the UNclog mask to their everyday dry eye management routine at all.  I have a much higher success rate since I recommended UNclog Mask, and plus, it's a greener solution compared to the microwave heat mask. It's a win-win for me"

Kathleen, OR
Our story
How we started

Before our mask, there was a lack of medically effective warming eye masks to treat dry eye conditions. UNclog Dry Eye Relief Heated Mask was invented by eye care professionals frustrated by the lack of a medically effective eye masks to recommend to their patients.

Our mission is simple: to bridge the dry eye gap and to increase the quality of life.


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The UNclog Relief Eye Mask comes with a 1-year unconditional warranty.


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