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Eye Relief Mask
For Your Dry Eyes.

It's Fast, Automatic, Effective, & doctor-recommended.
Why UNclog Mask?

UNclog not only offering a deeply relaxing experience leaving you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and free from fatigue, these heat pads also work to block out external light, soothe headaches and relieve sinus pressure.

Experience Relief in Just 20 minutes!

Warm Therapy: Relieve dry and tired eyes

Moist heat therapy: Mist the surface with water before treatment for immediate Dry Eye Relief.

COLD THERAPY : Has been known to naturally reduce symptoms of allergies, migraines, and sinus pressure

5 Temperature
& Timer Settings

Made using innovative far-infrared technology (FIR)
UNclog Heating Eye mask to relief dry eye symptoms from MGD or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, evaporative dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazion. Designed to help restore the protective oil barrier of your eyes
Best feature and application of heat eye mask. Unlclog obstructed meibomian glands with our unclog heated eye mask for blepharitis. hygienic, removable and washable, cover to prevent bacterial contamination. Weighted with pink crystals does not attract spores, bacteria, molds unlike seeds that potentially sprayed with chemicals, will breakdown and can attract fungus and pathogens. Unclog mask is the safer and better alternative.
Eye mask for Dry Eyes: Welcome to UNclog Heating eye mask. Perfect for at home therapy to relief red, irritated, burning, computer eye strain
Relief your dry, irritated, red, burning, tired, teary eyes for evaporative dry eyes. UNclog warming pads is an affordable non pharmaceutical treatment for your eye symptoms. Easy return and one year warranty
Electric heating eye mask with advanced far-infrared heating technology.  Connects to USB port, easy to use with automatic five time and temperature options and auto shuts off for convenience
It can take up to four times longer to warm the Meibomian glands  in the bottom eyelids compared to the upper lids. UNclog heating Eye mask for dry eyes had more heating fibers at the bottom. We are obsessed with relieving your dry eye symptoms.
Our Far infrared heating eye mask is designed to help relax tired sore eyes.  With just 20 minutes  a day can help rejuvenate and reenergize your eyes. UNclog warming your glands in such that it has a very relaxing effect.  Use the mask anytime, and anywhere. Easily plug-in to USB port worry free with auto shuts off
rejuvenate your tired, sore over worked eyes with the relaxing warmth of UNclog eye mask. Just 20 minutes a day can relieve dry eye symoptoms. the far infrared heat has been studied to help with wrinkles, puffy eyes and  dark circles around eyes. Happy eyelids is happy eyes
The material is velvety soft and very comfortable to the eyes. comfortable weighted with crystals so the heat can reach even the inner corners. Polyester material retain heat well and considered the most unfriendly environment fabric material for pathogens.  The special Velcro does not stick to your hair.  Designed by dry eye professionals with you in mind
UNclog heated mask relieves the dry eyes by warming up the glands with stagnant or hardened oil to unblock the glands, primary cause of the tears evaporation. Uncloging the blocked glands can lead to the eye protective oil barrier to flow again. Best at home natural way of dry eye care without pharmaceutical. No microwave needed, hassle free, easy to use, great customer care, tracking number with each shipment, easy one year warranty, company in the USA, quality inspected  day money back guarantee a
Introducing new heating mask for dry eyes. UNclog heating mask is designed to help unblock the stagnant meibum or the oil protective layer for the eyes. Heated by the revolutionary far-infrared (FIR) heating technology, Unclog heating eye mask is superior compared to any other heating mask in the market.  Designed by eyecare professionals specialist in dry eye care and treatment. We have one goal in mind: to add value to you. reacj=h out to us anytime you have any questions, concern
UNclog USB Heating Eye Mask
Beware of heating mask with organic product, they can grow bateria, spores or sprayed with chemicals. Unlcog eye mask compfortably weighted with pink crystals insert, crystals does not degrade, does not grow molds and does not attract bacteria. Safer choice ro help with posterior blepharitis and to revive your tired over work eyes. great for computer users
add more relaxation and aroma therapy. Aroma season your unclog mask with relaxing lavender scent. take your twenty minutes R&R relax and recharge to a different level. Can not guarantee you won&

UNclog USB Heating Eye Mask

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An eye heat mask helps unclog blockages in the meibomian glands, allowing tears to escape in order to rehydrate the eyes.


UNclog not only serves a medical purpose, but also helps to banish dark eye circles and reduce puffiness, leaving you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and free from fatigue! Offering a deeply relaxing experience, these heat pads also work to block out external light, soothe headaches and relieve sinus pressure. 


A state-of-the-art alternative to microwave masks, our electric eye mask is made using far-infrared technology — a gentle and effective treatment (used in neonatal beds) that stimulates circulation in the epidermis for maximum results.

What our Customers Say...


"The mask arrived on Monday. Thank you so much for assisting me in this situation. I didn’t realize how dependent this device has become for my daily eye health. As I mentioned I tried reusing my previous go to Wizard and found it left my skin red and not relieving the pain that started without the heat therapy."

Pat C, TX

"Stupendous mask and customer service! They have unique tech, FIR-powered masks which rejuvenate skin with far infrared radiation bandwidth. It’s safe to use when compared with microwaveable masks. This mask is a great addition to my dry eye toolkit. I can now happily relax in my chair listening to songs and eating snacks while the UnClog mask melts away all the clogged oils in my eyes. Highly recommend for all dry eye patients!"

Chakka, PA

"I am a dry eye coordinator, I stressed the importance of using a heat mask regularly to all of my dry eye patients. The UNclog Mask is very relaxing and easy to use I find my patients do not mind adding the UNclog mask to their everyday dry eye management routine at all.  I have a much higher success rate since I recommended UNclog Mask, and plus, it's a greener solution compared to the microwave heat mask. It's a win-win for me"

Vivian, OR

"I have glaucoma and very dry eyes, my sister works for a research facility in New Zealand, she did her research and got me this mask because she worried about my regular beaded eye mask can increase the pressure in my eyes."

Ron, NY

I have MGD and have spent a lot of money on treatments. I tried the microwave masks but they were too hot at first and then cooled off too fast. I normally wear a mask to sleep. So now I set the mask for 20 minutes to the heat setting and go to sleep. The mask gets intensely warm, but not too warm. It helps my eyes and they don't feel dry when I wake up as they used to. It has also helped with my sinuses that get irritated this time of year. It's money well spent!

B. Sobon
Our story
How we started

Before our mask, there was a lack of medically effective warming eye masks to treat dry eye conditions. UNclog Dry Eye Relief Mask was invented by eye care professionals frustrated by the lack of a medically effective eye masks to recommend to their patients.

Our mission is simple: Provide a heating eye mask that uses the latest in science to help aid in unclogging the glands.


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UNclog™ is long-lasting and reusable with a 1-Year warranty. If for any reason you require a refund or exchange, please get in touch with our customer service team.


Money-Back Guarantee

UNclog™ is a scientifically backed product. If you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back because your satisfaction is our priority.