Rose Quartz, the Love Rocks

Excess heat can manifest as inflammation, swelling, redness, irritation, or overactivity.

  1. Rose Quartz is heavier and harder than glass. The tumble Rose Quarz inside the insert weight can spread evenly to fill the inner corners or be isolated. 
  2. Rose Quartz is a cooling gemstone. It naturally transfers heat out of the body. For example, touching the quartz countertop feels cool and will warm up from body heat.
  3. The weight is perfect, not too heavy. The eye is very delicate, and putting too much weight or pressure can potentially cause permanent damage.

For Instant Cooling: Place the crystal insert (Pink) gently on the eyelids

For Longer Cooling: the UNclog crystal insert can be placed either in the refrigerator or the freezer for a few minutes. 


Chemical Name silicon dioxide (aka silica) ~ have great conductor property

Chemical Formula SiO2

Crystal System Trigonal

Chemistry Classification Silicate ~ Does not attract bacteria

Hardness 7


Specific Gravity 2.640-2.690 Range:0.03/-0.02 Typical:2.660



For use inside the heating unit, the crystal insert can be placed either at the bottom (coolest) ~ or above the heating unit (factory and the warmest setting)





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