Why Choose UNclog Heating Eye Mask?

It’s the #1 Doctor Recommended Heating Eye Mask! Unlike the traditional warm compress that is always too hot or cools too fast, we’ve designed the UNclog Heating Eye Mask with FIR technology so that the mask remains consistently at the correct temperature to effectively dissolve clogged Meibomian Glands.

The following are some of the greatest reasons why you should own the Unclog Heating Eye Mask to help find relief if you or your loved one is suffering from dry eyes due to clogged Meibomian Glands:
Easy to use: Just plug in and relax!
Convenient and Safe: There are 5 temperature and time settings that allow you to choose which setting is safest and most comfortable for your skin. It also comes with an auto-shutoff feature for safety.
Green: Requires less energy than a microwavable heat mask.
Hygienic: Washable cover, no more risks of eye infections from a contaminated cover.
Removable Weight Option: Often, your doctor prefers only temporary, light pressure or weight on or around your eyes. The UNclog Heating Eye Mask gives you the option of a light weight for added comfort.
Effective: The UNclog Heating Eye Mask is scientifically backed! Now you can heat the clogged Meibomian glands with a targeted time and temperature. No more guessing! Plus, it contains FIR Heating technology which studies have proven is better than regular forms of heat. Plus, studies have shown that warming up the glands consistently every day is one of the most effective treatments for MGD because the heat allows the naturally clogged oil to flow back onto the eye’s surface again, thus relieving the irritation.

The Unclog Heating Mask is the safest and most convenient way to relieve dry eye without the use of medications or prescriptions. Order yours today to find excellent relief and relaxation!