B. Sobon



I have MGD and have spent a lot of money on treatments. I tried the microwave masks but they were too hot at first and then cooled off too fast. I normally wear a mask to sleep. So now I set the mask for 20 minutes to the heat setting and go to sleep. The mask gets intensely warm, but not too warm. It helps my eyes and they don't feel dry when I wake up as they used to. It has also helped with my sinuses that get irritated this time of year. It's money well spent!






A. Parmley



Great experience, love the mask! I wish more people knew about it. It's way better than the previous eye masks I've used.






L. Huckestein



Amazing product and customer service!






V. Buehler



I am a dry eye coordinator — I stressed the importance of using a heat mask regularly to all of my dry eye patients. The UNclog Mask is very relaxing and easy to use. I find my patients do not mind adding the mask to their everyday dry eye management routine at all. I have a much higher success rate since I recommended UNclog Mask.






Chakka, PA



Stupendous mask and customer service! They have unique tech, FIR-powered masks which rejuvenate skin with far infrared radiation bandwidth. It’s safe to use when compared with microwaveable masks. This mask is a great addition to my dry eye toolkit. I can now happily relax in my chair, listening to songs and eating snacks while the UnClog mask melts away all the clogged oils in my eyes. Highly recommended for all dry eye patients!






Maggie, OR



My eye doctor recommended this UNclog mask. I switched to this mask because the microwavable variety gets too hot and makes my eyelids puffy in the morning! I feel safe using it because I can control the temperature without worrying about puffy lids the next day. Love this mask! Would recommend it to anyone with dry eyes.






Nora, FL



My Ophthalmologist recommended I use this mask along with my other treatment. Working great so far!






Lim Mei, LA



I work in front of the computer all day and use this mask to relax. The warmth feels really good on my sore eyes.






Ron, NY



I have glaucoma and very dry eyes. My sister works for a research facility in New Zealand. She did her research and got me this mask because she worried that my regular beaded eye mask could increase the pressure on my eyes.






Ashley, WA



I have MGD and my doctor recommended that I use heat for 20 minutes each day. This is by far the best heating eye mask I have ever tried. No more microwave hassle!






Art, NC



I had a question about how to turn it on and customer service contacted me right away and walked me through it. I’m surprised by how easy it is to operate. Very happy with the purchase.






Trish, GA



I can feel the bad oil coming out when I’m using it. Now I can comfortably look at my computer screen without my eyes burning. Would recommend this product to anyone working in front of the computer all day. 






Suzanne, CA



This product is great! I have deep-socketed eyes. This mask heats even the inner corner of my eyes. It fits perfectly and the velcro does not stick to my thin hair. I give it a 10/10!