Question from Joe: Does this work for someone who has clogged sinus constantly?

Hi Joe, thank you for your questions. We developed and tried UNclog Mask for dry eyes. However, I am happy to share that there are quite a few reports from our patients and customers that the mask relieves their sinus congestion and migraines. We worked with dry eye patients for decades, just eyes 😍, thus we are not familiar with the science of unclogging the sinus cavity,

The mask does not generate extreme heat, just comfortable warmth evenly across the eyes including the nose bridge and the sinus cavity, not just the eyes.

Our guess is that the Far-Infrared has a great "unclogging" effect and is safe, (we naturally produce Far Infrared warmth)

Here is some information about the benefit of Far Infrared:


Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications

Far-infrared protects vascular endothelial cells from advanced glycation end products-induced injury via PLZF-mediated autophagy in diabetic mice

MicroRNA-134 Contributes to Glucose-Induced Endothelial Cell Dysfunction and This Effect Can Be Reversed by Far-Infrared Irradiation Targeting Neurovascular Interaction in Retinal Disorders

Therapeutic Potential of Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells in Ischemic Disease: Strategies to Improve their Regenerative Efficacy


If you are curious and would like to try, Both our company and Amazo provide great return policy, money back guarantee that you can take advantage of, plus, our one-year unconditional warranty :) Thank you for your interest! Customer Care