Happy Eyelids = Happy Eyes

Hello there,  I am Heather!  I have MGD just like the rest of 83% of us that have been diagnosed with Dry Eyes. In fact, here at UNclog Mask, we are a bunch of dry eye sufferers too.

We understand Dry Eye is a complicated disease and that science has barely scratched the surface of it. To help, we'd like to share our daily dry eye regimen with you. This routine is so effective that it has enabled me to work in front of my computer again. Yay!  Of course, every eye is different, but I hope this routine will help your eyes too! Drop us a line or leave a comment to share with us what works for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Daily Routine:
I use my mask once or twice a day for at least 20 minutes each time (the longer the better).
* Blink hard about 10 times after 20 minutes of heating. This will help stimulate the glands and help pump the bad oil out.
While working on getting the protective oil to flow, use some artificial tears regularly to increase comfort.
* Roll your eyes around after using the eye drop. This will allow the drop to be distributed more evenly on the surface.
Clean your eyelids and lashes prior to using UNclog heating mask. (This is the perfect time to turn on your UNclog Mask and let it preheat.)
* Removal of the excessive oil produced by your eyelashes reduces the possibility of bacterial growth.